Decision 6

No score and shido for reverse seoi-nage.

The application of seoi-nage techniques when uke can perform ukemi and tori can control is allowed. In the variation of seoi-nage techniques when tori turns away from uke, twisting their tsurite and hikite using the same lapel of uke's judogi, without controlling uke, standing or dropping down in an unknown direction, without giving the possibility to the opponent to perform ukemi and sometimes with uke falling with the neck on the mat, is forbidden. 

We have to take into consideration that some of the athletes who participate in the World Judo Tour event are 15 years old. The WJT is very important for our young judoka, who want to copy what they see at the highest level. Thus, performing an action without control, in an unknown direction and falling together, is out of our judo safety frame.

No score and shido blue

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