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IJF Sport and Organisation Rules (SOR) can be found here: sor.ijf.org

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Distinguished Members of the International Judo Community, 

I am pleased to introduce to you our updated detailed explanation of the rules effective from 31st January 2023. This update clarifies some points that have been raised since the previous versions of this document (8th July 2020 and 9th March 2022). 

In the process of development of our sport, it is of utmost importance to do the best, first of all for the content and the image of our sport, for a better comprehensibility and consistence of the rules for judokas, judo lovers and the World. 

We are continuously reforming the strategy in all the sectors of the IJF to make our sport a modern one, outstanding and understandable for everyone.

I’m convinced the new elements of the rules and judo methodology will be a great benefit for the judo family, spectators, partners and media. 

Marius L. Vizer


International Judo Federation

Following the Tokyo 2020 (held in 2021) Olympic Games the key points that we are looking for in a score are:

IJF Rules Meeting on the Sport and Organisation Rules, Olbia, Italy 12 October 2021 and Budapest, Hungary 13 March 2023.