Decision 5

No score for counter techniques where the initial attack is rolled to the back, towards the counterattacking or defending judoka.

We must make a difference between the correctly applied counter-technique and falling on the mat and turning/rolling over the opponent. 

In the case of correct application of techniques like uchi-mata-gaeshi, harai-goshi-gaeshi or hane-goshi-gaeshi, but also uchi-mata-sukashi, ura-nage, yoko-guruma, tani-otoshi, ko-soto-gari and ko-soto-gake, if we can identify the technique with the minimum requirements for waza-ari or ippon there will be a score. 

In the case of a front landing or one less than 90°, the rolling to the back will be considered as transition to ne-waza.

Score given because  judo throwing technique

Video 31

No score because no throwing technique

Video 33

Score given are because it is not a counter-attack but a new direct attack from white.


Video 36

Video 37

No score

Video 38