Immobilisations (osaekomi-waza)

Control in ne-waza using arms or legs around the neck without the opponent’s arm inside will be considered as mate.

Shido: Stretching leg – forbidden 

Shime-waza - forbidden

Valid actions, no shido

Immobilisations (osaekomi-waza)

Ude-gaeshi (arm reverse)

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Continuous Ne-waza

Nage-waza valid situation

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Invalid immobilisations (osaekomi-waza)

Toketa should be announced if, during osaekomi, uke succeeds in “trapping” the leg(s) of tori, either from above or from below the leg.

Immobilisations (Osaekomi-waza)

Osaekomi will also continue outside of the contest area as long as osaekomi was called inside.

If during the ne-waza outside uke takes over the control with one of these nominated techniques in a continuous succession, it shall be also valid.

Valid actions, no mate - shime-waza 

Valid actions, no mate

When it is allowed to continue action that started in the valid area.

Valid actions, no mate - kansetsu-waza 

Valid actions, no mate - kansetsu-waza 

Kata sankaku grip in ne-waza action is allowed.

Kata-sankaku grip in tachi-waza or in situations starting from ne-waza into tachi-waza: Mate! must be immediately given.

Kata-sankaku grip in ne-waza with blocking the opponent’s body with the legs is hansoku-make.

Kata-sankaku grip in tachi-waza and applying a throwing technique is hansoku-make.