Decision 12

Techniques using head diving are dangerous and will be penalised with hansoku-make.

Following the safety frame of judo, performing judo throws should be done without the head going directly to the tatami. The neck is not a very strong part of the body. 

Landing first on the head with the opponent behind puts athletes at risk and in a very dangerous situation. 

As was mentioned before, we have judoka as young as 15 years old eligible to participate in WJT events and we have millions of children who are doing judo and following their heroes. 

In the demonstration of judo techniques performed on video by the IJF Academy and the Kodokan, there are no techniques landing on the head.

Landing simultaneously as tori with head and shoulder, head and hand, head and knee is allowed and is not penalised.

No penalty given as tori (blue) is on one knee before tori’s head touches the tatami

Video 61

No penalty given as tori’s (white) shoulder touches the mat before tori’s head touches the tatami

Video 62

Hansoku-make given for using the head to throw

Video 43